October 2022 Newsletter

2022 Fundraising Challenge
I am excited to let everyone know we have another match challenge for this years annual fundraising campaign. October, November, and December are the months to meet the challenge. We have secured commitments for $75,000 in matching funds. In anticipation of increased costs for the upcoming budget year because of inflation, we are hoping to have an additional $25,000 in matching funds for our challenge. That would bring our total match to $100,000!

If you are aware of a foundation or business I could reach out to for the additional match funds, please let me know. You can reach me at the office at 431- 2161 or email me at jshie[email protected] Last year we had 3 contributors combine to help us reach our goal. I have faith that our needs will be provided for. 

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September 2022 Newsletter

Back to School!
We have been short staffed at our West and Warehouse building. This has allowed me the opportunity to fill in and really get to know the kids. I usually takes me several weeks to learn names because I’m never at the same building through out the week. I have ALL the west kids’ names down!! During the month of September our focus is teaching the children about their small part in growing God’s Kingdom. WE all have a part to play and we each have talents gifted to us by God to help. The first parable we are learning about is about the mustard seed.

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