December 2022 Newsletter

2022 Fundraising Challenge Update
It’s DECEMBER!! This is a fast and furious month for us here at Cherry Street. We have the children for only 11 school days before we are out for Christmas break! Each program has worked to develop a “show” in honor of Christmas. The kids and staff got really creative! We will be posting videos on our FaceBook page over Christmas break so everyone can see.

Now, some update information on our 2022 Challenge. We have received $38,000 in donations so far towards our $100,000 match goal! We are a little behind where we were this time last year. Don’t forget to see if your employer has a match program for charitable giving. We can send a Christmas card to your loved ones when you make a donation in their name (because they are so hard to shop for or already have everything, lol) letting them know of your gift.

Remember all donations made by December 31st will be tax deductible for the 2022 tax year. Donations may be made on-line through our website at or through our Facebook page. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 414 Chanute, KS or dropped by our main office at 710 N Forest until Dec. 15th. After the 15th be sure to call the office first to see if anyone is there as winter break will have started.

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January 2023 Newsletter

Fundraising Challenge Update
We have received $146,782.28 during our 2022 annual fundraising challenge! Your generosity exceeded our goal by over 46,000! A few checks are still arriving in the mail so we may have a new number to share next month! We feel the love and accept the responsibility of being good stewards of your financial gifts to help shine God’s light and guide children to Christ!

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