Here at Cherry Street it seems as if no one is too old or too young to lend a helping hand. The high level of dedication of our volunteers and staff is the reason Cherry Street has been so successful.

We have volunteers and staff from all parts of our community including school teachers, ministers, paraprofessionals, extension agents, businessmen and women, retirees, and parents of the children who attend. Our team consists of caring and concerned community citizens who give of their time and talents to help the children. They believe that with the proper opportunities and guidance, all children can become responsible and productive citizens.

Volunteer Application

Each volunteer undergoes an initial and ongoing training in which they are given information about working with at risk children. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering. In order to be a volunteer we ask that you download and complete the Volunteer Application and return it to us.

Employment Application

If you are interested in being a paid staff member we ask that you watch our Facebook feed and subscribe to our mailing list for announcements of job openings. Meanwhile, we ask that you download and complete the Employment Application and return it to us.