This page was created to help you, the parent, understand our goals and objectives at Cherry Street Youth Center, Inc. Below you will find answers to several of the most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please call the Center at 620-431-2161 between the hours of 1-5pm on Monday thru Friday.  

We are a ministry dedicated to providing an opportunity for children to learn about Jesus, enrich their academic understanding, and have tons of fun in a safe environment.  We have three after-school activity centers for children in grades K-8th, which operates from 3:15 to 5:15 pm, Monday through Friday, when Chanute Elementary and Royster Middle School is in session. Our mission statement: “Cherry Street is an ecumenical ministry formed to help develop children emotionally, physically, spiritually, and academically.” Our source of revenue, which enables us to operate, comes from donations and grants.

Cherry Street Youth Center East, 431-2161, is located at 710 N. Forest, and is our center for grades kindergarten through second. Operating afterschool hours are 3:30-5:15.

Cherry Street West, 431-9556, is located at 719 N. Garfield, and is our center for grades third through fifth. Operating afterschool hours are 3:30-5:15.

Cherry Street Warehouse, 433-4929, is located at 704 N Washington this is our center for middle school-aged students. Operating afterschool hours are 3:15-5:00. 

There is no cost to attend one of the centers; however, donations are appreciated.  Registration can be completed on our website by clicking the “Registration” button or a parent or guardian can come to 710 N Forest Ave to complete the necessary paperwork.  In July and August of each year, a waiting list is established for all the registered children for the upcoming school year.  Selection of the students that will attend after school is done by grade level, previous years attendance, and recommendations from a church or school.  One other area that could have a potential impact on the selection process is the family’s inability to pay for other after-school care.  When centers are filled to capacity after the August registration, a waiting list will be started. 

Cherry Street does not provide transportation to either center after school. However, USD 413 will bring your elementary-aged child directly to our East or West center after school by school bus. The middle school-aged student can either walk or ride the bus from Royster Middle School to our Warehouse center.  We will contact the school to make arrangements for bus delivery to East, West or Warehouse when your child is registered.


East and West:
First, children are dismissed at the end of the school day to the school cafeteria. Cherry Street staff will teach a weekly memory verse to the children. They will practice the verse all week. Snack is then provided. Children will pray before they eat. After eating, children will be transported to Cherry Street. On days when the weather is nice, all children will play outside when they first arrive. If the weather is inclement, inside playtime will consist of board games, puzzles, and legos, or organized games in the gym. We then divide children into activity groups which may include Bible, character class, crafts, storytelling, organized games, STEM, gardening, reading, computer, music, and guest speakers. These groups last until 5:10 pm.  We do expect your child to attend our program every day we are in session.  Because we are an after school program and not a daycare center, we discourage picking your child up before 5:10 because they will miss the group they had scheduled for the day.  It is very disruptive to an activity group and the “end of the day celebrations” if parents pick up a child or children before 5:10 pm.

We are excited to offer after school services to Middle School-aged children of Chanute! Our goal is to provide dedicated space and time for Middle school students to gather, grow in their faith, and learn healthy habits and skills to grow into productive responsible teenagers. Each day will consist of some type of physical activity, a healthy snack, and opportunities for academic enrichment.  Reading and studying the Bible is also a regular part of the week.  We have partnered with Royster to better understand some of the needs and issues middle school students are struggling with. Some topics we intend to cover throughout the program year may include: developing healthy relationships, basic cooking, coping with stress in a healthy way, developing positive self-esteem, drug and alcohol awareness and prevention, social media/cyberbullying, job readiness skills, learning about higher education opportunities, and healthy alternatives to risky behaviors like sexual activity and self-harm. We would love to have your middle schooler every day, but we realize middle school is full of activities and opportunities for our students as well. Students are not required to attend every day. If your child plays a sport, they can attend Warehouse in the offseason, or if they attend chess club twice a week, they can come to Warehouse the other 3 days. Students coming to the Warehouse program will be expected to stay the entire day of programming from 3:15-5:00 p.m. If a student is not able to attend for the entire day (early pick up for another activity or medical appointment, etc.) we request that the student not attend the program that day. Staff is limited and it will be disruptive to the planned activities to locate your student. Off-campus activities may make it difficult to pick your child up early. We are first and foremost dedicated to sharing God’s love with your child. We hope to cultivate an atmosphere to help your child strengthen their relationship with Christ. Several of our activities including off-campus trips where we are focused on serving others. Your middle schooler will be asked to do “chores” while at Warehouse. Chores include loading the dishwasher, sweeping the floors, cleaning off tabletops, vacuuming, etc.  Your child will be expected to participate in all activities planned on the day of their attendance.

It is important to have rules so that the children know what is expected of them. Our rules are posted on the wall in our gyms at both facilities, and we review these rules regularly.  

The 3 expectations we have for EVERY child at Cherry Street are that they will be safe, they will be respectful, and that they will be responsible. Children are taught how to be safe, respectful, and responsible in all the environments here at Cherry Street, including the bus ride from Chanute Elementary School or Royster Middle School. Once we are sure the children have learned our expectations in each environment we begin holding them accountable for their behavior.

If a child breaks a rule/expectation, the child will complete a “think sheet” about their behavior. A think sheet includes what happened, what a better choice could have been, and how their behavior affects others. In the event behavior is extreme or physically aggressive towards a peer or staff member the child will receive an office discipline referral (ODR). All ODRs are handled by the Executive Director or the Program Director. The consequence may include suspension from Cherry Street for a designated amount of time.

Each child’s parent/guardian has listed on the child’s registration form the name(s) of individuals who are authorized to pick up their child/children early. Please advise anyone who comes to pick up your child early that he or she will be asked to provide a valid picture ID to the center. The parent/guardian must add authorized names to the registration form in person. No exceptions are made for this rule.

We ask that all children are picked up no later than 5:30 pm.  We understand emergencies do happen, so communication with the center is critical to ensure the safety of all children. 

If your child does not attend school on a given day, he or she cannot attend the center that day. There are no exceptions to this rule. A child needs a good education, and it is important that he or she attends school; therefore, it is our policy that if a child does not attend school, he or she cannot attend Cherry Street. If your child comes to the center with an illness or skin inflammation, you will be called and the child will need to go home immediately.

We do not allow any child to eat candy, chew gum, drink pop, etc. in front of the other children. If your child had a birthday party at school the day he or she attends the center, he or she will be instructed to put the treats in his or her book bag, unless enough treats for everyone were brought.

No child will be allowed to carry a cell phone around. All cell phones will be placed in backpacks. ALL electronic devices will be kept in backpacks while your child is at Cherry Street. Children will be allowed to use Cherry Street phones for emergencies.   

Please notify us immediately if you have a change of address or phone number. If your child becomes hurt or sick, we need a current phone number to reach you. We also send mailings during the year to inform you of special events; therefore, we need current addresses on file. Because we operate with volunteer help, we are always in need of volunteers. If you have a day a week, a day every two weeks, or once a month – you can help at the center! Please call us to volunteer!

Call the center at 431-2161.